“Stephen, you took my fear away the very first day as my coach. Your warm, patient, calm soul relaxed me to be able to finally GET IT! I thank you and It was an absolute honor and blessing to have you as my coach!”
- Karen H



“My session with Stephen was eye opening and very refreshing to the heart and soul! Stephen is very intuitive with the human brain and how we think and act as human beings. The session was like talking to your best friend and your spiritual guide all at once.”
– Lynne M


Tyler“I did an online session with Stephen, he was very insightful and helpful with the problems I was facing and helped guide me towards the right direction. He also reaffirmed my feelings of what my purpose in this life was. I will definitely be coming back.”
– Tyler M


Testimonial 1“Steve has been a spiritual compass of mine for the past few years. I can confidently say that his influence keeps the integrity in my music, and I’m better for it. I would recommend him to anyone seeking more purpose, or just some more joy out of their ride on Earth.”
Cole C, Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, Co-CEO of the CKMJ Group


Testimonial 2“Stephen has consistently provided informative and inspirational information coupled with authentic life stories. A truly positive influence in a world filled with so much fear and negativity, always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”
– Chris B, Chef/Nutrition Coach


Testimonial 3“Stephen Parato has in so many ways “called me out” on being honest with myself. By reading his bold words (which I love). It has helped encourage me to be 100% authenticity myself (again) and to be more aware of people’s energy (to see/feel the unseen) before I let the outside stuff shape my perceptions.

It really inspires me to see someone take a stand for others by example (by actually doing it) and constant encouraging messages.

Thank you! Because of you I know I’m not the only one wanting to make a difference using my super awesome wacky ways and tactics! Keep it up!”
– Amanda Lavallee