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Heal From Inside is the website for Therapist and Psych-K® Facilitator Angela Kay Bartholomew.

Your sessions with Angela will utilize a 5-step process that combines Psych-K Methodologies along with Angela’s background and expertise, with the result being an incredibly effective and powerful process that puts the brakes on stress, subconscious self-sabotage, and stops you from stopping yourself from being everything you can be.

Look, you already know, at least in general terms, what you want out of life. You also might know the route to get there. But there’s something keeping that from happening, right? What is it, precisely? And how do you overcome it? Angela’s sessions and 5-step program are designed to answer those questions.

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Let Angela Explain a Bit About Our Sessions:


In each session we will focus on this 5-step process of change. While I go over the basics here on the website, each session is unique, and will look and feel a little different each time. You must remember to trust yourself and trust in the process – it’s all a journey, and the destination is very much worth it.


Let’s look a little closer at the five steps. First, a little math (well, not really):


Awareness (conscious mind) + Willpower = Stress and Disappointment (you already know all about this, right?)


Intention+ Purpose + Matching Subconscious program + Action = Emotional Breakthrough (this is what we do)


Emotional Breakthrough Formula- 5 Step Change Process


(note, as mentioned above, the actual content of these will look/seem different every session, and are unique to each client.)

Step 1: Intention


There has to be a direct “want” to change. And in order to create change, you must set a clear and concise intention or goal statement.  But the goal really isn’t the end result you want (that’s where most people are doing this step wrong.) There are critical ways to set this intentional goal statement so it works for you, and not against you. This is where the conscious mind kicks in.

Step 2: Purpose


Why do I want this? What is my intent or purpose in achieving this?  You have to find the “BIG WHY”, and trust me, the answer isn’t obvious. This is the deep, emotional part of the formula.


It’s actually twofold and will be discussed and implemented in your Initial Consultation.

Step 3:  Create Sub Connection


This step is about sending intention to the subconscious mind that is matching to what you say you want. This step is CRITICAL, and is done in different ways by different people. This is where Psych-K® techniques really shine, because they are the fastest, most direct way to accomplish this. The Psych-K® balance allows the brain to create the “Whole Brain State”. This state allows the reduction of subconscious resistance to changing the self-limiting belief or program.


Aligning your conscious goals with the subconscious mind will make changes much simpler than the constant battle of suffering and willpower (which barely ever works – again, you already know this.)

Step 4: Action Steps


This is “the work”. But this time, your subconscious mind will support your efforts, instead of fighting them to remain in that awful (yet familiar) place it now calls home. You’ll finally win that tug of war game.

Step 5:        ?


Find out the last and maybe the most important step when you book your initial consultation and experience the Psych-K® Balances.

Session Pricing:


Your first 15-minute session = FREE. Click here to book one.



Initial Psych-K® Consultation / First Session.


This session is 90 minutes in length. We lay the foundation for change, and then we do the work.




If you’re ready to jump in, Click here to book your initial 90-minute session to free your mind from the prison of your limiting beliefs



Additional Psych-K® Sessions  - 60 minutes**





**Note: every client must first book the initial 90-minute Initial Psych-K® Consultation / First Session.

15-Minute Introductory Session

Free 15 Minutes
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Inital Psych-K Consultation

165 90 Minutes
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Regular Psych-K Sessions

125 60 Minutes
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