The Law of Increase

The Law of Increase, Law of Attraction, and Law of Vibration are always at work in the universe.


And no, this isn’t magic or hocus-pocus nonsense. These laws are as real as the law of gravity.


Just like gravity, no belief in the law is required. You do, however, need to think the right thoughts, feel the right feelings, and make the right choices in order to open the doors to your new life.

And all it takes is a precise awareness of your thoughts and emotions, in order to make choices to create the life you want.


Sadly, most of us were programmed from childhood with many more emotions and thoughts that relate to fear, scarcity, worry, anxiety and so forth (I call these low frequency emotions).


The Law of Increase


But if you can understand and change these patterns of thoughts and feelings, then you will be able to create the life of your dreams.

And then you need to walk through those doors, too.

The Law of Increase (HK)


Would you like more love in your life? More health? More energy? More money and more business?


Science says we are either growing or shrinking, so it’s natural to want more but how do I get more of what I want.


First, you must understand that ALL MATTER IS ALIVE!


All matter consists of light, all matter is growing, all matter is evolving, and all matter is living.


Man is a multidimensional being in a multidimensional world. Including the invisible world (formless). To understand the law of increase you must understand the formless, that which we cannot see with our eyes. We will focus on the invisible world of thoughts for now.


You cannot see thoughts and feelings but it does not mean they are not alive and seeking to live a fuller life.


The formless is intelligent, it thinks, it is alive and is always seeking more life.


Nature is formed for the advancement of life, the increase of life.


What does this mean?

This means if you continue to feed the same thought or emotion over and over again it will continue to grow within you. It will then manifest into the visible world (form) as an effect or problem.


Considering well over 90% of our thoughts are unconscious, you are most likely feeding these thoughts repeatedly without your awareness.


Let say you have the thought “I’m not good enough”. No doubt you have had this thought thousands of time. If you can see each thought as a seed that is planted in it’s own dimension how many thousands of seeds and rows have you created in your invisible crop world.


If you have an average of 50-70,000 thoughts a day. You can only imagine the amount of self-defeating and negative thoughts that exist in this formless world.


This continual growth of this thought now feels like it is a part of you, a big part of you, and it is.  Having it’s own intelligence the thought continues to seek advancement and expansion.


It creates situations in your daily life in order to continue its growth or get fed. Let’s say you fail a test or get rejected when asking someone on a date. The thought then comes into your mind and we most likely feed it.


See “I’m not good enough”. And there you go this thought just increased itself and another seed has been planted.


But just like a stray cat that comes to your door. If you feed it it’s coming back and most likely bringing it’s friends.


This is where free will or conscious choice comes in. Be careful of what you feed. It will grow!


Law of Increase is always at play but no worries.


The beautiful truth is, man is a thinking center and can originate thought!

All things you create in your life must first originate in your thoughts and the supply for new growth is infinite.


You can create your dreams because there is an infinite source of supply. And when you’re dealing with the infinite, you can never take more than your share.


As kids we learn that an apple pie or a chocolate cake is only so big. If you get a larger piece, that means someone else is getting a smaller piece.


And if you take all the pieces, then there’s none left for anyone else.

That’s why we hesitate to go for more, because we’re good people and we don’t want to deprive others with our own greediness, right?

But the Universe isn’t Cake or Pie


It’s literally infinite. If you put your hands about a foot apart - like you’re demonstrating the size of the last cake or pie you had - you’re demonstrating a finite amount.


But if you place your hands back to back, and imagine a line coming out of each of your palms and flying into space at the speed of light for all eternity, then you’re demonstrating the infiniteness of the universe.


Silly as it might seem, we get pie and cake confused with the limitless resources of the universe. It’s sort of like confusing a speck of dust with a galaxy.


We understand a speck of dust and we can comprehend its size. But how do you comprehend the size of a galaxy? It’s almost impossible.


Then when you consider there an infinite number of dimensions and galaxies in the universe, it tends to explode your head and you go back to the safety of thinking there is only so much to go around and no more.


Now you’ve got to understand, if you’re going to increase anything in your life, first you have to be aware that is starts in the world of thought. The formless. You must get better at bringing the unconscious to the conscious.


What does that mean?


When the unconscious thought appears pause and then decide to plant that seed or choose a different thought. Be neutral to the thought. Don’t fight it or react to it.


Continue to create new thoughts of what you want to create.


You’ll think about it when you wake up, when you go for a run, when you brush your teeth, when you make breakfast, when you drive to work and so forth.