About Angela Kay Bartholomew

Hi, I’m Angela.


There are plenty of titles I can use to describe myself, like Therapist, Psych-K® Facilitator, entrepreneur, licensed professional counselor, speaker, author and emotional breakthrough coach.


They’re all fine, but to my clients, I really like being known as a simple third-person “she”. As in “That Angela - she really helped me.” Fortunately, many, many people refer to me this way, which makes me happy.


I’ve been interested in helping others my entire adult life. Well, ever since I helped myself, anyway.


What I mean is, I practice what I preach (and teach). There was a time when I wasn’t my best self. When I had doubts, excessive stress, severe health restrictions and self-sabotaging behaviors. I had that dark cloud following me, complete with that “why can’t I ever get a break?” mindset.


My breakthrough was a realization I needed to heal from the inside out. Not only recognizing things like childhood trauma and similar, but also understanding just HOW they were holding me back, and then, more importantly, to take control away from my self-sabotaging subconscious, and start living my truth – the real me. This involved using many techniques that I later discovered were an essential part of Psych-K (imagine how surprised and pleased I was when I discovered this.)


After several entrepreneurial adventures, I went back to graduate school in 2009 and became a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist. In that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of private clients, spoken in front of many groups, and have received countless “thank you’s” from the women and men that I’ve helped reduce their stress, and live their best lives.


Funny note: One client calls me an “energy ninja” because I help her shift in a matter of minutes after finding the exact emotion, thought and belief holding her back. “It’s like a jolt of energy after months of exhaustion; I don’t know why I waited.”- Sarah (last name withheld).


In this time, I have also embraced technology. I have learned that my techniques do not require physical proximity, and the results I achieve are as definitive three states away as they are from three feet away. It’s one reason I offer a free 15-minute session for anyone who chooses to engage with me.


About My Clients

Women and men of all ages, but most are generally between 28-58. In other words, old enough to have been around the block and experienced the highs and lows life offers, but also young and adaptable enough to recognize that they could be SO MUCH MORE if just… just…


And that’s where I come in. We identify what’s preventing the “just” and clear it the heck out. That’s the short version of course, but it’s a pretty good description of what we’ll do together.


Ready to roll? Let’s start with 15 minutes on my dime, and go from there. Fair enough?